European River Cruising


Families working with families

Our guests enjoy the finest, personal, family experience available and benefit from long relationships with other like-minded families that deliver the same quality experience.

The owner opens the door of your private car, or is cleaning the windows in his coach, or is guiding you through her town. It’s personal, and it shows, every time. The Da Vinci is owned and operated by a trusted Dutch family and our relationship with them spans over 28 years.

Our local guides, vintners, coach drivers and hotel owners are all friends and trusted partners. Ask the guests who have experienced their smiles and see how it greatly enhanced their experience.


You benefit from over 30 years of guest feedback and personal experiences. We know which river to travel on and when. So important! Experience has taught us which mooring locations to use and why. Your river cruise is longer than average as guests suggested we slow down and experience Europe at a relaxed pace, and not sleep through it at night on a shorter cruise. Guests said no balconies because they limit you to only half of the view. Experience – we have it, you benefit from it.

The Right Place at the Best Time.

Tulips bloom best in the cool, sunny weather of April and May. We don’t cruise the Danube in July as the water levels are too erratic and interrupt or cancel your experience (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons easily attest to this). Summer European heat is exhausting. Late spring and early fall are the best times to experience the narrow Saar River and the castle studded hillsides along the Rhine and Mosel vineyards with more comfortable temperatures, fewer tourists and reliable water levels.

Our private river boat charter is very important to you

We charter the Da Vinci from the van Hengst family, a family we have enjoyed working with for over 28 years. Chartering the Da Vinci allows us the freedom of making sure the Da Vinci is in the right place at the right time and walking away from it when the time is right. We specifically choose the Da Vinci for the two deck design and the experience it will provide our guests. From airport transfer timing (no waiting), menus, local attractions, length of time in towns and villages, premium mooring locations, longer journeys, careful planning so you rarely cruise at night and of course, our legendary, handpicked local guides, it is all designed to your benefit. Oh, and our flexibility to stop the ship anywhere we like to surprise you with local specialities, like ice cream and fresh bread.

Time to celebrate! 2018 will be our 30th year cruising European rivers!

Join us and see the many surprises we have in store! Prices for the river cruises will remain the same as we had for 2017 but any reservation for the river cruises on the Da Vinci will receive a 300.00 per person discount as it is our anniversary!

For further details contact our office.

Over 30 years experience on the European Waterways, longer than anyone in Canada. Enjoy a private boat catering to Canadians and proudly flying the Canadian flag.

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