Cruising at Night





Would you drive through the Rockies at night? Then why pay to cruise through Europe at night?

Unlike Ocean cruising where you cruise kilometers from shore; European River cruising has you travelling through some of the most historical and beautiful areas Europe has to offer, just meters away. Many of the area’s you cruise through are Nature parks and UNESCO World Heritage areas, so it makes absolutely no sense to cruise the European Waterways at night.

Our itineraries tend to be longer than most allowing us the ability to spend the nights moored in quaint, beautiful locations along the route. Longer itineraries also allow us to have more time in the places we visit, cruise during the day and spend the evenings in cities, towns and villages that become unexpected highlights.

Journeys on the Da Vinci will have you cruising through areas such as the Altmuhltal, one of the oldest and most historical parts of Europe, a Nature Park in the center of Bavaria and part of the Main Danube Canal. Every day you will be exploring on well planned shore excursions. As we spend more time in the places we visit; you have the ability to experience it all and not have to decide between options. Not only do you get to join the local guided tour, you also can experience the guided tour of the summer palace and enjoy the evening concert at the opera.

Finally, our longer itineraries also allow for plenty of free time so you can explore on your own relaxing on the Sun Deck and enjoying an after dinner stroll in an amazing setting.

So why do the majority of European River cruise itineraries offered today have their guests cruising at night? That answer is simple; to get from point A to point B in a short time, there is no other option.

“It’s not the final destination, but the journey along the way”- Confucius

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