Questions You Should Ask



What effect will low and high water conditions have on your experience?
Our intimate, two deck Da Vinci is not as tall as the higher three deck boats, so you will easily glide below the many low bridges and enjoy uninterrupted, 360° views on the Sun Deck. As the draft of the Da Vinci is also less than any three deck vessel, changing water levels have less of an affect on your journey. This means more cruising and less interruptions!


How much cruising is at night and what do I miss?
Our itineraries have you cruising during the day; enjoying well planned shore excursions in all the places you have dreamed of, while moored overnight in lovely cities, towns and villages along the way. You can experience it all, after all do you go to Europe to experience it, or sleep through it?


What effect will low bridges have on my access to the Sun Deck?
Unlike ocean cruising where you are kilometers from shore, the European Waterways has the most spectacular scenery right in front of your eyes. With the average height of many of the bridges on the European Waterways just 6 meters from the water (during ideal conditions); the number of passenger decks a passenger vessel has will determine if you will have unparallelled 360 degree views from the Sun Deck, or confined to a cabin with half the views.


How long is the season and what is the best time to cruise?
The secret about European River Cruising is to be in the right place at the right time. The best place to be in April is in the Netherlands for the best weather and the bulbs, yet March is too early and May too late. The Rhine and Danube Rivers run the risk of high water in the spring. Stay away from the Danube in the fall and the Elbe year round. Most of all, July will turn your European River Cruise into a coach trip due to the major rivers drying up in the heat of summer, depending on the vessel you cruise on.

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