The Da Vinci (pre Mar 30,17)


The Da Vinci, your private yacht cruising the European Waterways under the Canadian flag.

European River cruising is so different from Ocean cruising;  this is what makes it so special, yet the industry has been changing more every year to imitate the large Ocean vessels. Possibly the greatest element of European River cruising is the intimacy and the small group experience it can deliver.

When we first started cruising the European Waterways in 1988 every vessel was family owned, the husband and wife were Captain and Hotel Manager and the river boats their homes. Every vessel was a two deck design (two decks of passenger cabins) as they were, and remain, the best design to negotiate Europe’s Waterways. The crew was like family and the average passenger occupancy was anywhere from 60 to 89. Most importantly, you would follow the good weather and water levels across the waterways making sure you were in the right place at the right time and you spent every night moored in wonderful locations.

Things started to change in the late 1990’s as large companies discovered just what made European River Cruising so special. The first thing that changed was the size of the vessels. To increase passenger capacity a three passenger cabin deck vessels were designed and then next step was to start cruising overnight. As European River boats are an expensive investment, companies needed to keep the fleet moving year round offering itineraries that can leave you high and dry due to changing water levels.

We charter the Da Vinci from the van Hengst family, a family we have enjoyed working with for over 25 years. Chartering the Da Vinci allows us the freedom of making sure the Da Vinci is in the right place at the right time and walking away from it when the time is right. We specifically choose the Da Vinci for the two deck design and the experience it will provide our guests.

With a shallower draft than three deck vessels, our two deck Da Vinci is rarely affected by high and low water levels.

We continue to believe that a two deck vessel is far superior to the guest experience than larger, three deck vessels. With a shallower draft and less height, a two deck vessel can continue long after a three deck vessel succumbs to the challenges of changing water levels. Guests can also remain on the Sun Deck while cruising under the many low bridges along the rivers, something also not possible on larger, higher three deck vessels.

As we prefer to Moore overnight instead of cruising at night, and having a Sun Deck that never closes our guests can enjoy 360* views all the time. Although the Da Vinci was designed to accommodate 113 guests, we limit the number of guests on board to just 90, providing our guests with more personal space on the Sun Deck, in the Lounge and the Dining room.

Proudly flying the Canadian flag while sailing the European Waterways since 1988

River cruises on the Da Vinci include:

Our unique 360° experience! No sun deck restrictions.

  • Only 96 guests on a 113 guest ship. Divine!
  • All inclusive journeys priced in Canadian funds
  • All shore excursions with local guides
  • 100% smoke-free atmosphere, including outside decks and entry platform
  • No formal nights
  • Free Wifi
  • Unlimited use of the sun deck and lounge, only available on a two deck riverboat
  • Wines of the region, beer, soft drinks and juices with dinner
  • All meals daily while on board and while on shore excursions
  • 24 hour cappuccino, hot chocolate, coffee, tea and ice machine
  • Coffee and tea service morning and afternoon in the lounge
  • World class European cuisine
  • Lunches included while on shore excursions
  • Bottled water in your cabin
  • All gratuities to ship’s staff, local guides, coach drivers, porters, Journey Managers, attraction guides.
  • All admissions while on tour
  • Welcome reception and farewell dinner
  • Private car pick up service
  • Our famous little surprises!
  • All taxes, (even the HST and VAT) port charges
  • Round-trip airfare with transfers
  • Services of professional Journey Managers in addition to your local guides and ship staff









European River Cruises on the DaVinci

 Contact us for information on our current journeys or request a Free Journal with all the up to date details and pricing!
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