Our Family

Why Family Owned Businesses?

For many years, we have mentioned why we love working with other family owned businesses. We can certainly relate to how families tend to work harder to succeed. The extra effort put in by everyone builds big ripples that, at the end of the day, it translates to a level of service that is excellent setting them apart from others. We firmly believe in this and as such has been the key to our success.

Every time a guest travels with us, the guest doesn’t just support our family, the reach is far encompassing. The support continues to the families of our fantastic team in our office. It doesn’t end in Cambridge either, this extends to the wonderful families we work with that make our European River cruises the best in Canada such as the Schulz and Saner families. Then there’s the McCarthy family in Newfoundland and all our Canadian friends, our friends at Golden Eagle Luxury trains and all their hardworking families that help make our Rail Cruising programs a great success.

When you join us on any of our journeys you are supporting all the local guides and their families that have worked with us for the past 38 years, the names and faces that have made your journey so memorable.

We greatly value your support and are further humbled when you come back to travel with us again. What makes family so important? We request that you just pay a visit to your locally family owned business and the answer will quickly present itself.

Our success is because you had chosen to travel with us, perhaps at one point in your life while repeatedly for the others.

With sincere gratitude, OUR HEARTFELT THANKS.

We hope to see you again.

Van Dyke Family

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