Our Family


35 Years of Treating you Royally:

It was in 1980 that Anneka and Jerry Van Dyke started our family owned and operated Tour Company, in a setting not so different in size from the reception area in our office today. We started with a rotary phone and printed everything on Gestetner printer, powered by our kids.

The day the fax machine arrived was a great event for us. Some of our first journeys were couch tours: routes like ‘Country Inns & Back Roads’ and ‘Grand Inns & Gardens’, Jerry drove the coach and Anneka was the escort. This has always been a real family enterprise!

Since the humbling beginnings, Journeys by Jerry Van Dyke has come a long way and the future is brighter then ever. From coach tours to Journeys that reach all four corners of the globe and everywhere between, allowing you and your family to experience all the wonders of the world.

Our journeys are all inclusive; the price you see is the price you pay, not a penny more. We realize that travel is an investment and every guest that decides to join us on any of our journeys is investing in our family. For this reason our Journey Managers, an extension of our family, travel with you to make sure that every promise we make is kept and delivered on.

These are professionally trained people that are there for your experience, not a free tour.

The Van Dyke Family

Journeys by Jerry Van Dyke remains a very proudly run family business. While Jerry may be semi-retired; Anneka, Erica and Jeremy Van Dyke continue to operate our company and work to uphold the family values in which it was built.

Times may change, values should not. We strive for the ultimate guest experience and as our reputation has been built on service, this is paramount in everything we do. We are not a huge world corporation looking to have mass numbers of clients; instead we look forward to travelling with up to 1200 guests a year. We treat all our guests as family, and strive to work with other family owned and operated business all over the world because at the end of the day, family is what’s most important.

Our belief is that when it comes to family, you try harder for them. Family owned companies also strive to provide better service, after all this is what sets them apart at the end of the day.

When we started Jerry would not only plan all the tours, he would drive the coach just to make sure everything was perfect for the guests. This is why we preferring to work with, and support other family businesses for a better guest experience. Families such as the Saner family in Switzerland, Christian Saner (second generation) runs his family-owned and operated company and also drives the coach for our guests, as does Oliver Schulz (also second generation) who looks after the groups in Germany.

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