Journey Managers


Journey Managers are a vital part of our journeys and what will make your travel experience unforgettable. . From the moment you arrive and are greeted at the airport, up until you are sent homeward bound in your private car, you will be in good hands. Journey Managers are there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure your safety and happiness while travelling. These are the professionals that we entrust to make sure that every promise that we make to our guests is fulfilled. They make sure every detail is perfect, every guide, driver staff member is looked after on your behalf. Forget the stress, use your time to relax, because our Journey Managers will make sure everything is taken care of!

Every year we receive resumes from individuals asking for the highly sought after position of a Journey Manager. When we review a potential candidate for the position, we may select them to come on one of our European River Cruises to learn what we are all about and to test if they are a right fit for our guests first hand.,A Journey Manager has an incredible amount of responsibilities and it might surprise you to know that in the end, very few ever become a part of our family.

Every guest that joins us is different and that is why all of our journeys are custom designed to include free time for your personal exploration.. A Journey Manager will not be hanging over your shoulder, or even holding your hand. However, they will always be there when you need them most. The experiences and stories Journey Managers have are endless and their intimate wealth of knowledge is certain to help you in any situation you might find yourself in. Whether it’s a request for a dentist, or if a spouse has suddenly been admitted to a hospital far from home, your Journey Manager is equipt to think fast and help you in unexpected situations. They will be your North star and provide you with all the information you might need to take the worry from your mind and reassure you that everything will be fine and taken care of. You can rely on your Journey Manager to take care of you, no matter what!


We are privileged to tell you we have some of, if not the best Journey Managers in the Canadian Travel Industry as part of our family. Each and everyone is professionally trained and compensated to look after our guests.

We prefer to think of our Journey Managers as an investment in our guests. This is why we never think twice about sending them out to all the corners of the earth with our guests, knowing they are trained professionals. there for our guests looking after their experiences.

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