Local Guides



“Enough cannot be said, about the effort of our Journey Manager Jeremy, Tour Guide Ándre and their ability to make sure the tour had the best possible results. Jeremy and Ándre made a great team with their wealth of knowledge and they must be commended on the planning and completion of the tour.”

To hear testimonies like this from our guests is simply music to our ears. We have always been extremely proud of our team, which includes our office family, Journey Managers, our local guides and the families that chauffeur us around the world.

We love our local guides. They become as much of a highlight on our journeys as the places we visit and hotels we stay in. When we first met Ándre de Bruin in Ypres, we knew our guests were in for some royal treatment. Ándre was able to deliver the history and events in a way that made this journey very special and without becoming heavy and dark. By the end of the journey Ándre became as much a part of the experience as the journey itself.

A Journey Manager will be there to look after the details, take care of the planning and day-to-day events; rather than reciting from a guide book and taking the place of a local guide. Our family has always believed that because you have made an investment in our journey, we owe you the best experience possible.

Local guides should become a highlight of your journey. The passion they have, the places they have lived and their knowledge will transcend and leave you feeling inspired. Guiding is more than the repeating historical lore. It is the wealth of family traditions, communal relationships and sharing of their daily lives. They become friends and part of the fond memories you share with friends back home.

Over the last 28 years, our guides have become part of the family and will provide you with an exceptional travel experience. Our guides are so passionate, that many contact us months in advance to ensure they are able to share their local areas with our guests!

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