Our Community


As a family, we know just how important a community is. We are very proud of our community and humbled to be a part of it.

Both Anneka’s family and Jerry’s family immigrated to Canada after the Second World War, Anneka’s in 1947 and Jerry’s in 1956. Times were different then and families depended on the community just as much as the community depended on them.

Anneka’s family was one of the first Dutch families to immigrate to the Guelph area after the war. Jan Sloot (Anneka’s father), was also instrumental in setting up the local Dutch church, the first being in the basement of a local community hall. As more families arrived from the Netherlands the community was able to buy property and soon after build a new Church, once again Jan was there to provide a helping hand.

During the voyage to Canada, Jerry’s father found out that for reasons untold, the family had lost their sponsorship. As fortune would have it, the new Dominee for the local Dutch Community in Guelph was also on the same ship as the Van Dyke family. By the time they reached Montreal, the Van Dyke’s were part of the new community in Guelph and had houses to call home, one of those homes being the Sloot farm.

Everyone learned very quickly that they had to give back just as much as they received. This belief holds true to our family just as much today as it did then. We are humbled to be a part of many fine organizations in and around our community, and are proud to share some of them with you here.

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