Guelph Lake Sled Dog Race


When we wear our Yukon Quest 1000 Mile club jackets (guests joining us on our Yukon Quest Journey receive the jacket as part of their sponsor ship of the race) we get approached by a lot of curious people wanting to know more.

A few years ago a new friendship started when a gentleman (we found out later that he owned the Siberian Husky team not to far from our home) asked what part we had in the Quest. Ralph Schade and Raejen Sled Dogs have been instrumental in setting up the Guelph Lake Sled Dog Race. One of the reasons for setting up the race has been to educate and to get people out with their dogs during all seasons of the year to enjoy the outdoors.

The Guelph Lake Sled Dog Race is very different from the Yukon Quest.; Everyone can participate! There are various classes for everyone, from the professional dog team driver, to the newbie that just wants to try it out. There is even a class for children running the family pet!

Dog Sledding, ski-Joring and even just leashing the family pet to a toboggan, this is a fabulous way to spend time outside enjoying winter with the family!




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