National Service Dogs


Our Veterans mean the world to our family, after all it was the Canadian’s who liberated both Anneka’s and Jerry’s family in 1945. Without the Canadian’s, our lives would have been very different from the lives we cherish today.

National Service Dogs is a charitable organization located very close to our home in Ayr. This is an organization that has become very important to us as the work they do and the service they provide to families and our veterans is priceless. Everything they do is funded through donations and we are very proud to be a part of that.

We invite you to read more about NSD, as well as a letter from Jim regarding Sookie and the change Sookie and NSD has made to his life.

In 1996, National Service Dogs (NSD) pioneered the program of breeding, training and placing Certified Service Dogs with children with autism. Over the last 16 years, NSD has graduated over 250 Certified Service Dog Teams across Canada, has helped many service dog organizations around the world start their own autism programs, and has started two new programs: the Skilled Companion Dog Program and the Companion Dog Program.

Their Certified Service Dogs help to increase safety levels and alleviate the bolting behaviours common in children with autism by acting as an anchor when tethered to the child. Additionally, they increase socialization and suppress behavioural outbursts.

The Skilled Companion Dog Program was launched in 2011 to assist veterans with long term post traumatic stress disorder. This made NSD the first accredited service dog organization in Canada to have a program of this kind. These amazing dogs assist with issues surrounding hyper vigilance, anxiety and transitioning into mainstream society.

NSD’s Companion Dog Program was founded in 2002 and was formalized in 2009. These dogs are placed with children, adults and seniors with various disabilities, and do not have public access or any specific skills training aside from basic obedience. This program has been instrumental in increasing the organization’s ability to assist more families in need.

All of NSD’s dogs are placed with clients free of charge. NSD receives no government funding and relies entirely on funding from the general public, community service clubs, community based foundations, fundraising events and corporate sponsors, like Journey’s by Jerry Van Dyke, to make their mission possible.

Donations for the National Service Dogs Program – Find out more on LQ-M for Mother, the crew and the basic story behind the print

“The Crew” M for Mother has been personally signed by the artist and for the Artist Proofs by veteran F/O Frederick Gladding D.F.C. – 405 “Pathfinders” Squadron R.C.A.F. who flew Forty-two sorties as a navigator on Halifax and Lancaster Bombers between October 25, 1944 and March 20, 1945.

Journeys by Jerry Van Dyke of Cambridge Ontario have in the past supported many initiatives involving Canadian Veterans. They have again graciously stepped forward to sponsor this project and while focusing on the Crew of HR864 LQ-M, through them, honours thousands of airmen in Bomber Command that lost their lives in World War 11. All proceeds from the sale of prints will be donated to the National Service Dogs Program and targeted to the special needs of our veterans suffering with PTSD.


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