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We welcome you to experience our journeys and be a part of the Journeys by Van Dyke family experience. It has been the root of our business for the past 35 years and our personal approach continues to be an important focus for years to come.

14 days
Italy, Montenegro & Croatia
17 days
Norwegian Coastal Voyage
18 days
Bucharest to Vienna
15 days
Portugal, Spain and Cruising the Douro Valley
16 days
Scotland & Ireland
14 days
Italy, Montenegro & Croatia
19 days
South America Cruise
13 days
Newfoundland Circumnavigation
15 days
Canada & New England
18 days
Southern Africa
19 days
Japanese Archipelago Voyage
29 days
Australia & New Zealand

Why travel with us ?


Peace of Mind

Travelling should be exciting and relaxing, not stressful. Our comprehensive pre-planning coupled with extensive local experience ensures a worry-free journey. Often, stress arises from the details, such as how to get to the airport or where to find an ATM. With home pick-up and drop off, all you have to worry about is packing your bag and walking out your front door; for the rest, your knowledgeable Journey Manager will be there to make the necessary adjustments throughout your journey. Such details are ours to arrange and yours to enjoy.


Quality & Value

Relax, it’s included. True value is knowing the price up front and being able to indulge in a journey’s experience, not the details of paying as you go. We started nearly 40 years ago on the foundation of providing all-inclusive journeys to those who value quality and simply want to experience adventure and relaxation. Quantity changes quality; it’s simply inevitable. That’s why we cater to smaller groups, ensuring that our guests are not merely satisfied—they’re delighted: just ask those who have travelled with us 5, 10, 30, or even 45 times.


Personal Touch

Our reputation is built on treating our guests like family. A philosophy that is reflected in our people and services; from our friendly office staff, to our professional Journey Managers meeting you at the Toronto airport, flying with you, managing your entire journey and helping you settle into your private car home. Our local guides, many of whom are long-time partners and friends, will welcome you into their countries and towns and share their lives and traditions with you. It is this personal touch that transforms a journey into a memorable experience.

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Meet our Journey Managers

  • Ensure your safety and comfort. 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Highly trusted members that have been handpicked, thoroughly trained and tested
  • Forget the stress. Use the precious time on your journey to adventure, explore, and relax. We take care of the rest
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The Journey Log: Travel stories to inspire you

Getting to the heart of Japan's Culinary Delights
Japan is an intriguing country that draws fascination from around the world for its unique character and charm. The craft and elegance of the Land of the Rising Sun’s gastronomy are interwoven with its soul – guests on our Japanese Archipelago Voyage…
Mythical Countries: Scotland & Ireland
When travelling with us, it is like travelling with friends. We handle all the details so that you may concentrate on the glorious journey. We don’t just take you sightseeing; we will take you exploring the most awe-inspiring Highlands and Isles
European River Cruising on board the renovated MS Crucevita
The MS Crucevita (formerly the Da Vinci - renovated and rechristened in 2019) has undergone many renovations. Read on to discover the exciting upgrades that await our guests this year on our European river cruises.
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Enchanting Morocco
Fly with us off the coast of North Africa, over the snowy peaks of the Atlas Mountains and down to the arid plains of one of the world's richest cultural areas—a mix of religions, old traditions and long-held appreciation for beauty in all its forms.…
Spectacular Fjords of the World
Fjords are what remain of eons of erosion by glaciers from the ice age, as they crept down fluvial valleys, their huge weight deepening the river bed. The result are steep-sided, narrow bays that extend far inland.
7 reasons to visit South Africa
Welcome to South Africa, or as we like to say, “Karibu”! This land of extremes resides at the tip of what remains the world's wildest continent. Read more →
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Delicious Pastries of Europe
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