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We welcome you to experience our journeys and be a part of the Journeys by Van Dyke family experience. It has been the root of our business for nearly 40 years and our personal approach continues to be an important focus for years to come.

18 days
Bucharest to Vienna
16 days
Dutch & Belgian Discovery
16 days
The Adriatic by Land & Sea
18 days
Bucharest to Vienna
18 days
Southern Africa
24 days
Singapore to Dubai
16 days
French Polynesian Escape

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Curated Itineraries

We curate immersive Journeys with you in mind. No matter which Journey you choose, you can be confident that it will be filled with exclusive travel moments, an intimate feel and just the right pace.


Elevated Experiences

We believe your Journey with us should be a departure from the everyday. Over 40 years, we have become experts at creating world-class experiences for our guests. Our travel partners are selected based on their ability to deliver to our exacting standards. Elevated doesn’t mean better or pricier, it means we invest the time and care to provide you with a consistent and memorable adventure.


Worry-Free Travel

Travel can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. At Journeys by Van Dyke, we live to look after the hundreds of details that make your Journey possible so that you don’t have to. You focus on taking in the sights, the tastes, making new friendships and bringing home incredible memories - we’ll handle the rest. We call that worry-free travel.

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Meet our Journey Managers

From the moment you are greeted by your Journey Manager at the airport, you can expect them to efficiently and discretely manage every detail. Trouble-shooter, entertainment director, and logistics specialist all in one, they are on the job 24/7.

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Guest Testimonials

Graeme and I would like you to know that our trip to South Africa was absolutely wonderful. The highlights were our time at Ngala Safari Lodge and the day trip from Victoria Falls across the border to Chobe National Park in Botswana to see the ANIMALS! Those outings were amazing! We also saw and learned so much about South Africa itself. It truly is a beautiful country.
- Graeme and Margaret Anne Robb

The Journey Log: Travel stories to inspire you

The Magical Wonders of Plitvice Lakes National Park
A seemingly mythical place, fall in love with the sites of this preserved and protected national park. If you haven’t yet been convinced, here are 4 reasons to visit Plitvice Lakes National Park.
How to Have an Exceptional First South African Safari
A South African safari is one of the most enriching experiences in the world. Ensure that your first journey through the bush is as exhilarating and unforgettable as the surroundings are unique. From when to go to what to pack, let us put you on the …
10 Unique Coffees From Around the World
From adding egg yolks or ground pepper to fresh roasting green coffee beans over an open fire, here are 10 unique ways people around the world enjoy their Java.
Eight Iconic Cocktails From Around the World
We have put together a list of eight of the most iconic cocktails from around the world, all instantly recognizable and surprisingly simple to make at home. For pure bliss prepare one of these with a simple canapé, grab a good read and get settled in…
Explore from Home: Issue #3 – Morocco
The brilliant blue and crimson colours Morocco has become famous for are only part of this county’s sensational diversity. From the breezy shorelines of M'diq, to the starry nights in the Merzouga desert, Morocco can be summarized with one simple wor…
Seven Flower Markets Around the World
To welcome spring with open arms Journeys by Van Dyke has put together a list of the most impressive flower markets around the world. Roses, tulips, orchids, lilies abound, these markets are veritable open-air museums, showcasing the most brilliant c…
Explore from Home: Issue #2 – South Africa
The extraordinary energy of South Africa can be felt everywhere within its endless expanse. From the lively drumline of the Ndebele tribe, to the thunderous calls of the big five, its never hard to hear the heartbeat of this proud nation.
Meet the Team: Joe Ennis
We recently caught up with our newest Journey Manager, Joe Ennis. This former restaurateur turned travel expert shared how he keeps inspired to travel, what enriches his life at home, as well as some of his most delectable recipes.
Explore from Home: Issue #1 – Ireland
With St. Patrick’s Day just last month, there is no better time to explore this lyrical culture. The exquisite beauty of Ireland belongs in the fairytales it’s so famous for.