Asia & Oceania

A journey from Canada to Asia or Oceania offers an assured change of scenery as you encounter ancient cultures steeped in legend and striking landscapes of unspeakable beauty. Throughout Asia, a sense of spirituality emerges from the many places of worship, while the breathtaking lakes, valleys, waterfalls, and mountains exceed the beauty of even best photographs. One can still feel the colonial influence in many of these countries, but through it emerges a strong identity that will attract you irresistibly.

Take in the art and architecture of the bustling metropolis of Singapore. Meander along the ancient and ethereal inland canals of Kerala, India, by traditional houseboat. Experience the culture of the Bedouin people of Jordan as you explore Wadi Rum with local guides. Wherever your journey in this region takes you—whether through modern cities, quaint villages, or paths where nature unfolds without limitation—you’re sure to meet incredible people and create remarkable memories.

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