North America

Sometimes, the most thrilling adventures are right outside your door. There’s no need to journey to another continent for fun, excitement, and relaxation when North America has all this and more to offer, from the majestic panoramas of Alaska to the rich traditions of New England.

Cruise along the Hudson River, taking in the colors of fall as you enter New York City. Taste the rich flavor of a freshly caught lobster while enjoying lively conversation with local Newfoundlanders. Watch a grizzly bear catch salmon in Alaska’s Eagle Creek. Discover how maple syrup is made at an authentic sugar shack.

As you explore the enchanting nature and diverse cultures that coexist on our beautiful continent, you will develop an even stronger appreciation for the land in which you live. Memories of your journey will color how you view North America, allowing your incredible experiences to become a part of you and connect you to the place you call home.

Our Travels : North America

13 days
Canada & New England