Ocean Cruises

Embark on an enchanting ocean cruise that combines stunning vistas, new cultures, and salty sea breezes in one unforgettable journey. Whether you’re tracing the fjords along the coast of Norway or sailing the Amalfi Coast there is no better way to explore the world.

Renowned ships such as the Ponant Le Lyrial carry you on a voyage of discovery with tinges of maritime excitement that awaken your senses. Our Journey Managers treat you like family, promising experiences both at sea and in our many ports of call that satisfy even the most seasoned travellers.

With private shore excursions tailored to show you the best at each port, you’ll be sure not to miss out on everything our extraordinary destinations—such as the untamed Australian outback, untouched Galápagos Islands, or unbounded Yukon—have to offer.

Each sea journey strikes a perfect blend of time relaxing at sea, taking in vibrant sunsets, time on shore sampling local delicacies and learning from our local guides. Throughout your journey, the lapping of the waves and liveliness of the ports are sure to capture your heart, whether for the first time or the hundredth.

Our Travels : Ocean Cruises

13 days
Canada & New England
13 days
Newfoundland Circumnavigation
9 days
Sailing the Grenadine Islands
19 days
South America Cruise
29 days
Australia & New Zealand
19 days
Japanese Archipelago Voyage