The Da Vinci River Cruise Experience

Published on Saturday, March 31, 2018 1:08 PM

An unforgettable European adventure requires an exceptional vessel on which to journey. We know that time spent on a river should be no less remarkable than time spent exploring the countries along its banks. That’s why we have worked for the past 30 years to perfect the river cruise experience and remain the only Canadian business to charter river boats in Europe.

Our elegant river boat, the Da Vinci, is chartered from a Dutch family. Combining their river experience with our expertise in catering to Canadian guests has allowed us to offer a river cruise that perfectly blends the comfort of the familiar with the thrill of the unexplored.

Here’s what you can expect from the Da Vinci during your river cruise:

  • Only 90 guests despite a 113-guest capacity, spread over two cabin decks
  • A 360° sun deck that never closes and on which finding a lounge chair is never a challenge
  • A spacious open-concept living room
  • A dining room in which conversation is lively and never muffled
  • Plush couches and armchairs that invite you to relax in the Sky Lounge
  • A design that allows the boat to slip comfortably under low bridges

However, our experience has also shown that there is more to an extraordinary journey than incredible destinations and a luxurious vessel. We craft our cruises around our core value of treating our guests like family:

  • We offer longer journeys and spend most nights in quaint riverside villages. Why? We don’t want you to sleep through any of the glorious continent you came to see.
  • We keep our boats small and well below capacity. Why? Two-deck boats are still able to sail in periods of low or high water levels, reducing interruptions to the journeys. A smaller number of guests ensures that no one feels crowded and allows us to stop at destinations off the beaten track without overrunning them.
  • We offer journeys at specific times of the year. Why? We know where to be and when to be there based on experience. For example, we know the Danube floods in spring and dries up in mid-summer and that tulips are only found in the Netherlands in the spring.

When journeying with us, you are family, and we hope the Da Vinci will become your home away from home as you explore new cultures and stunning landscapes along the rivers of Europe.