Getting to the heart of Japan's Culinary Delights

Published on Friday, January 25, 2019 3:11 PM

Japan is an intriguing country that draws fascination from around the world for its unique character and charm. The craft and elegance of the Land of the Rising Sun’s gastronomy are interwoven with its soul – guests on our Japanese Archipelago Voyage. We will learn this through four immersive and hands-on culinary experiences.


Try your hand at the culinary art of Japan’s most iconic food with a sushi-making and tasting experience. You will learn the special skill of rolling sushi rice and preparing the nori (seaweed) before choosing from a range of local favourites, including sashimi (slices of raw fish), cucumber, avocado and many more. Your expert sushi sensei will show his dexterity from years of training, educating you through every stage of the process. After your efforts are complete, you will sit with your equally enthralled fellow voyagers at a table laid out with all the condiments to taste and enjoy your creations with a smile on your face.



Sample some of Japan’s heritage with our green tea and sweets tasting excursion. Known for its delicate flavour and antioxidant-boosting health benefits, green tea has a rich history in Japan, steeped in tradition and customs. During this mouth-watering session, your guide will reveal the ceremonial importance and cultural significance of the drink, along with each tea’s individual characteristics and flavours, from Matcha to Sencha. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a range of unique and tasty Japanese confectioneries – including green tea-flavoured cakes and sweets!



Learn the craft of preparing one of Japan’s favourite snack foods with our rice-cracker-making session. Our chefs will instruct you through each step of preparation, all the while explaining the different kinds of crackers. These crackers, a Japanese staple sold everywhere from supermarkets to street stalls, are especially popular during traditional festivals. Once you have finished making these colourful and delectable circular snacks, you can either snack away or save them as a gift for friends and family back home – the perfect handmade Japanese souvenir.



Enjoy the rich aromas and flavours of traditionally seared bonito fish in the timeless city of Kōchi. You will discover the wonders of searing fresh fish over the fire, learning the special technique of preparing lightly charred sashimi. Our guides will demonstrate how to fillet the fish, sear it on an open flame and, finally, immerse it in ice water to seal in its unique flavour. Next, it is time for us to savour this memorable meal over lunch. 


Any trip to Japan is an explosion for the senses, whether you are there for its spectacular mountain scenery, awe-inspiring temples or mouth-watering culinary delights. Be our guests aboard the luxurious MS Westerdam in 2020, as we take to this extraordinary island nation for the journey of a lifetime.

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