Journey into the Scottish Heartland

Published on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 1:50 PM

In our mission to make exceptional plans, our team at Journeys by Van Dyke has always strived to surpass itself year after year. 2020 is no different. We believe that, in addition to providing a relaxing escape, journeys should be immersive, content-rich experiences that will leave you in awe for years to come. With our new journey, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, departing August 15th, 2020, the magic is in the tradition of a decades-old procession that embodies a balance of precision and pride. Embark on this journey with us and let your inner history buff be delighted, all while enjoying the celebrated landscapes and cultural gems of Scotland and Northern England.



August 22nd, 2020

Dear Journal,

As the purple-hued sun slipped beneath the distant horizon and behind the looming Edinburgh Castle, the anticipation was palpable: they had come from across the country and beyond. A single, instantly recognizable note pierced the night sky as a lone bagpiper entered the scene.

Drum Major The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo


Behind him streamed row after row of soldiers, sabres strapped to their sides. With military precision they marched, their arms swaying evenly, the result of years of practise honing their skills, like their fathers and grandfathers before them. The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo was their ultimate showcase of pride and tradition, and this year’s 70th edition felt even more special. 

By the time the highland drums and the renowned Tattoo Dance Company joined the melody, we were no longer foreign visitors but part of a tightly knit family that now had ancestors, admirers and most importantly, friends, all around the world.

Tattoo Dance Company The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo


From our prime location along the elevated promenade, we saw it all: flawless formations, ornate tartans twirling, massed pipes belting their soulful cry, the blur of drumsticks and the glimmer of trumpets in the moonlight. Augmented by a state-of-the-art lighting display, centuries of Gaelic culture passed us by. 

Finale 2018 The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

When it was finally time for the show’s zenith, we held our breath as a streak of dragon fire screeched through the sky, leaving a trail of gold and silver before exploding into myriad red crackling lights. As we took it all in, our senses basked in the brilliance and pageantry. 


While countless fireworks crackled in the deepening night, we basked in the afterglow of an ever-changing experience that will never be replicated, never repeated in quite the same way, a celebration as unique as the proud nation it commemorates.

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